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Before And Now


Paula Clarke sounds great on Before and Now (Scorcher), a brand-new collection of tunes Rooted in the classics. Covering" Baby Be True" from the Heptones, Marcia Griffith''s "Peaceful Woman" and Carl Dawkins' " Baby I Love You" she shows another side-or two-- with the likes of "Survivor," "Do You Think I'm Sexy" and "When Will I See You Again," Jamaica originals like "My Man" and" Breaking Up" are given a soulful slant while "Ain't No Love" gets a reggae underpinning. Nice"

What A Bam Bam


In Reggae music, like other genres. Artists and producer leave their mark an on industry and then quickly fade away.However, there was one name appearing on some, blank'' Killa'' 45s. Played in the Ska Reggae, Dancehalls.Scorcher haled from Jamaica.From Jamaican Chinese heritage. It's almost forty two years since" Scorcher" got his first taste of success in the very demanding World of show biz. And since then, he has tried to keep.

Best of the Webber Sisters/Classic-Vol-1


Sisters Cynthia and Merlene Webber began recording (separately and together) in Reggae's" golden age'' (their brother David was an early member of the Gladiators) and have had hits in every decade since.Merlene (whose name is alternately spelled Merlin, Merline and Merlyn on various records) scored early with "Hard Life" on Smash and "Dream,Dream," Produced by Syd Bucknor and issued in England on the Third World label.

The Past, The Present


By my calculation Gregory Isaacs Has recorded about twice as many album in his career (which spans four decades) as Frank Sinatra,Bing Crosby and Tony Bennett put togather.The comparison to these three singers who moved from Jazz to easy Listening but aged well is not entirely frivolous.As master of a singing style the English dubbed "smoove", Isaacs also connected in the roots era as a hard-edged socially conscious Rasta singer but today is best known as a romantic "Lovers Rock" stylist whose voice itself is his trademark.He can be identified easily in less than three note-in fact, with one overpowering moan.