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Dennis Williams was originally from Kingston, Jamaica West Indies. In my early years I started recording in 1968 to present. From age 8, my church was where many musicians would come from abroad and perform. This inspired me to hit the musical street's.

Presently Dennis “Scorcher” Williams of SCORCHER MUSIC is in San Bernardino, California,and is a top music producer and promoter who has opened the first-ever reggae record shop in Los Angeles. He is also the first reggae artist that introduced the genre in California. Dennis Williams legendary member with "The Scorchers. With hits Producer Mr.Lloyd Daley's on the Matador ''Camel' Record Label'and J.J. Johnson Record Label. Hits like "Uglyman", Hold On Tight", Was the music which revolutionized the music world "Skin Head" Regae dance craze out of Japan.


Scorcher grew up in the music industry and developed a true love for it. His passion has led him to become an artist and producer himself. He enjoys producing, performing, and promoting music, even after being involved in the industry for a very long time. His inspirations in producing artistic masterpieces are the music itself and the entertainment aspect of it. His passion derives from people’s enjoyment while listening to their favorite tunes, and hopes that others will share that same passion for his music.

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